Chapek 9 – Planet of the Bots

Discordian Date

This bot posts at midnight UTC the discordian date.

Harry Botter (de)

A neural network trained on german Harry Potter fanfiction.
(currently inactive)

Interactive: When you send me short german story promps, I will complete your story.

Harry Botter

A neural network trained on the english Harry Potter books.
(currently inactive)

BOFH Excuses

Excuses from the Bastard Operator From Hell (BOFH) calendar.

DOFH Excuses

Excuses from the new DevOps From Hell (DOFH) calendar.

Credits:,,, and anonymous contributors.


Proverbs generated by a neural network.

Comet Bot

Comets on their way through a starfield. Some crash into a planet, others make it through.


A german markov-chain bot learning from the Fediverse.
Interactive: She answers, when you write her.

Chart Bot

A bot creating charts about the relationship of different things.
(currently inactive)

Fortune Cookies

A bot generating fortune cookies using a neural net.
(coming sometime. Feel free to send lists of (real) fortune cookie texts)

(intentionally left blank)


There are some bots that will be added soon(ish).